Workswell Thermal Vision Pro
UAVEX s.r.o. is introducing an unique and high-end thermal imaging system Workswell Thermal Vision Pro for unmanned aerial systems (UAV) or drones. 

It is a lightweight thermal imaging system that can have a resolution up to 640 x 512 pixels with temperature sensitivity of 0.05°C. The main goal of the system is a simple transfer, storage and analysis of radiometric (temperature) data directly from UAV (drone) and displays these data on an operator's controller in real time. The system can continuously record videos (AVI) or images (JPEG and radiometric JPEG) on memory that can have maximum of 1TB. All data can be analysed in software that is included in the Workswell Thermal Vision Pro package. 
Data (images or videos) can be wirelessly saved by the operator via digital input ports. The system also offers a variety of modes, palettes, security alarms, Max and Min measurement analysis, user profiles and many others. In the system there is also integrated a real digital camera to have a clear visual view during the whole flight. 

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System has three operation modes
  1. Standard Infrared Image
  2. Alarm (security) mode
  3. Digital camera mode
With  Thermal Vision Pro
  1. You can record radiometric data (video and images) and save wirelessly via operator’s controller
  2. easy wireless control by using the buttons on operator's controller
  3. one touch system for saving all images at the same time (infrared mode, alarm mode, radiometric and digital camera data)
  4. all the data are sent wirelessly to the operator's controller (real-time)
  5. the system offers variety of modes, alarms, palettes and measurements tools
  6. data are compatible with FLIR Tools software for temperature analysis and PDF export
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More informations
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